Wednesday, September 29, 2010

M is for Massage!

Well, this is it my friends... One of the best deals ever..
So next to FREE, and Movies I love massages.. like love love... like love love love get the point..

I cannot equate how good it make me feel, all this freebie shopping tends to make my neck sore, which can ONLY be alleviated by a nice massage which is REALLY a problem when massages are super duper 'spensive!!

Enter San Diego Spine and Rehab (check out their site for locations HERE)
Like a shining knight on their noble steed they have rescued me from the claws of the evil expensive massage dragon....

This knight bears a:

1 hour MASSAGE FOR ONLY $40!!!!


So now you're thinking, yea this is gonna be some shady place with dirty beds, 2-way mirrors right? Nope.. Clean, quiet, private rooms, relaxing music, its a bargain dream come true...

I myself have tried and am a believer!!! Guess what my Mom-in-law is getting when she comes and visits for Christmas ;) BEST. DAUGHTER-IN-LAW. EVER...... Well next to the lovely Wendy-bird...

So here's the DEAL:

1. You MUST have a preferred customer card (which I have)
2. You call them, tell them you have the card and "MICHELLE" sent you
You're on your way to enjoying 60 minutes of mood music massage bliss....
-- For an extra treat ask for Ana, shes great!! She used to be a physical therapist in Peru and her hands know it!!

So you want the card?? See me in person (if you know me) if you dont just send me your address and I will mail one too you!

Massaged and Mellow Momma

P.S. As with ALL things on my blog, I am NOT in any way endorsed,associated with, paid or promoted for this I JUST LOVE a good deal and a good massage!

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