Saturday, August 28, 2010

FREE Playwerx!

Thanks Amber and Emmett for this GREAT Heads Up!!!


Today Plum District is having a deal where you get a $20 credit at Playwerx for $10 BUT if you enter the promo code FRUITFUL then you get it for FREE!! Just click the link below and check it out!

Go to the website Plum District and sign up (keep in mind its free for each email just- so multiple emails =mutiple vouchers)

You will be taken to the San Diego Plum District website
Select the playwerx deal
then when checking out enter FRUITFUL (you wont need a credit card because it ends up FREE!)

and ENJOY!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Best Birthday Freebies

Well as most of you know Ive turned another year "wiser"? Well... I guess I can say wiser because I can say I have learned a LOT from this last year and Little A continues to teach me more every day... But on to the freebies, don't want to ramble on YOUR birthday is fast approachign and you WON't want to miss these!

1. Benihana $30 gift certificate.... Yep.. that awesome, sign up for their chefs table and you get $30 to spend on food. Pretty simple, if you dont want the emails in your inbox then I have a "junk email" address that I use to sign up places with, then when your birthday rolls around just search for Benihana... YUM!
click here

2. World Market.. If you love that place like I do you will LOVE the $10 gift certificate they send to you- no strings attached! Surely you can find something nice for $10 right? Even if its a little candy bar and water! Treat Yourself! Me? Im going to use a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon combined with the certificate to earn $30 worth of swag for a cool $10... nice...
click here then go to email signup

3. Famous Daves... now.. if you like BBQ, or maybe just free food this is a winner for sure! When you sign up for their email address you get a free something (appetizer, dessert, meal, ect) THEN on your birthday you get ANOTHER free something! SCORE!! If you're like me you look at the bottom of the email for a little code (w07,b05 something like that) Google the code and famous daves and you will find out what you won!! Not too shabby.. and probably worth the trip, Ill let you know after I claim my free appetizer...
click here

4. Sephora
A special little treat, this makeup and beauty product retailer gives you a nice little bonus on your birthday (this year its a eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara), I feel prettier already!
click here and go to the bottom of the page- enter your email for offers

5. K-Mart
Yes... The place I rarely shop actually has a nice little bonus... Its the kids club- sign up your child (or you if you're young at heart) and get $5 to spend on toys ect :) With their 50% off clearence toys surely you can find something nice :)
click here

6. CVS
Strangely enough, CVS sends you a little goody for your birthday- $3 isnt so bad right? Another bottle of water and candy bar perhaps? I actually ready CVS's little weekly email bonuses, not too bad..
Click here

Yep ice cream is good! Tonight we treated Ari to her first taste of Coldstone Creamery, she wasn't so sure about it! LOL But Daddy and Mommy were sure they love it. Basically any ice cream place has a freebie club, Baskin Robbins, Coldstone, you name it! Sometimes its definately worth the trip.

8. Bowl of Noodles
Free bowl of noodles or entree up too $7.50, at Noodles and Co. no strings! Now this doesnt include drink, side, ect, but hey- free food right?
click here

Most places have freebies, wether it be a dessert or a buy one get one free entree, theres are just some of my favorite "no strings" freebies. If you have a place you like sign up for their e-club and who knows what you'll get! :)

Enjoy and Happy Birthday!!!

Ordinary Mommy

Dominos Sweet Deal

So me and Little A are braving it alone tonight as the hubs has to work nights (boo!), I decided I didn't want to cook since Little A has also decided this would be the time to teeth??!!?? SOOOOOOOO I thought.. hmm.. maybe pizza? Long story short I ended up with 2 FREE orders of cinnastix!!!

Heres how:
Go to and enter coupon code

and automatically you get free Cinnastix- SCORE!

Then go to the "coupons" page on and click the coupon- "FREE CINNASTIX WITH ANY ONLINE ORDER"

they add ANOTHER free cinnastix to your order-

TOTAL: $0.00

Check out and go pick those stix up!! yummm.............

Monday, August 23, 2010

Out Darn Spot!

This actually prompted the creation of the new blog- because this is something EVERY Mommy should know...

Those who know me know that Little A (our beloved daughter) is now 10 months old and experimenting with "people food" this had led to increasingly stubborn stains and spots... SOOOO What to do when you expensive Gymboree white onesie that you "splurged" on gets blueberry's on it???

THE AWESOMEST STAIN REMOVER EVER(made from stuff you already have)

Stir equal parts Tide Liquid Detergent (probably any kind works) and Powder Cascade in a LARGE bowl (ex. 1 cup liquid, 1 cup Cascade).

Pour the HOTTEST water imaginable into the bowl and stir the detergent/casade mixture until its dissolved (or until you just get tired of it all).

Add clothes with said blueberry stains.. SOAK overnight or as long as possible.. and...
Stains are gone.. you are happy.. and you've sworn off Gymboree all together (or until you gymbucks are ready to be spent :) )

This REALLY REALLY works, I saw this as Little A's white onesie is soaking in its stain fighting bliss....



The Birth of a New Blog

Well.. After much thought, consideration, and some prompting Ive decided to start a new blog...
Here I will share with you:

- Household Tips and Tricks
- Secret Shopping Stuff (because you KNOW I love it!)
- Unsolicited product reviews, "Run For" i.e. I LOVE it! and "Run From's" Not So Much
- Baby Advice (gleaned from mother in laws, other Mommys, and random people on the street)
- Fun things to Do
- Some crafty things (although I am not crafty- so you KNOW its good!)
and party planning ideas.. because thats my passion :)

So sit back, grab your tea, coffee or carbonated beverage and ENJOY!!

Ordinary Mommy