Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get your Sunday Paper HEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!

Ok, we all know the chant right? And even though you cant get the Sunday paper HERE on my blog, you can and should get it elsewhere!!
Last week I joined the Sunday paper bunch and bought one from the local gas station, $1.88 later I thought seriously?? Did I just waste my money??


Saved at LEAST $10 that day on groceries and another $10 the next time!! Soooo.. the Sunday paper pays off!

So on your day of rest, family, church, stop by and get that Sunday paper- heck maybe you can sweet talk some grocery store to give you their old one before they throw them out!! :) That would be a double score!

Stay away from those street sellers though, I hear the raise their prices and we're all about the deal right??

Happy Sunday Everyone!! Enjoy those newspapers (don't forget to read those comics!)

Paper wielding Mommy

P.S. Ive been asked if I prefer one paper over the other and the answer is no, Im not sure (open to recommendations)- I say the FATTER the BETTER!

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