Saturday, September 25, 2010

80% of PLUS $10 FREE!

Well this OM is back from Vegas and sad to say the land of FREE is having a drought!
Not THIS land of free but due to economy Vegas is cutting their comps :( sad savings... :(

HOWEVER the FREE still flows here!!! is having a HUGE sale.. GET THIS..
-- 80% off all their gift certificates
-- $10 free gift certificate

PLUS if you use you get 15% off...

Use the coupon code AUTUMN

Ok so here's the deal with, they CALL it a gift certificate but really is more of a discount (one reason why you should NEVER pay full price) and by my calculations, including the 18% tip they add its about 30% off the food IF you buy the amount required on the certificate.. In short READ READ READ that fine print, it can get you. We've used a couple of these and they're ok, they allow you to try some new places and that's goood, and bad. Be aware that some places can be REALLY strict on the rules (i.e. you can't buy discount meals/meal deals, drink specials, happy hour etc.) I'm going to do it 'cause hey- when you're on a budget any discount helps!! :)

Thanks to Kate the Great at San Diego Steals and Deals for the heads up...

Bon' Savings or Appetit'

Ordinary Mommy

PS ACT now!! It expires tomorrow

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