Thursday, September 30, 2010

FREE Photo Collage @ Walgreens!! ACT QUICK

Who doesnt love photos?
Who doesnt love collage's?
Who doesnt love FREE photo collages???

Not me!! I love some free cuteness of my sweet baby!!

Order your free 8×10 photo collage ($3.99 value) using the coupon code FBCOLL thru Friday at Walgreens Photo and you can pick it up in-store for a total of $0.00.

Note: You can only order one free 8×10 photo collage per account. Use between 1 and 20 photos for your collage. For the payment method select “Pay In Store” – your total should be $0.00 (don’t checkout unless it is).

To get to the 8×10 Photo Collage Print go to “Gifts” at the top menu, then “Collages”, then “Collage Prints” to create an 8×10. You can pick up your free 8×10 on any day, but you have to order it before the end of the day Friday. If you don’t have a Walgreens near you, or you just want to surprise someone – shipping is 99 cents.

Thanks Freebies 4 Mom!!!

-Photo Lovin Momma

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

M is for Massage!

Well, this is it my friends... One of the best deals ever..
So next to FREE, and Movies I love massages.. like love love... like love love love get the point..

I cannot equate how good it make me feel, all this freebie shopping tends to make my neck sore, which can ONLY be alleviated by a nice massage which is REALLY a problem when massages are super duper 'spensive!!

Enter San Diego Spine and Rehab (check out their site for locations HERE)
Like a shining knight on their noble steed they have rescued me from the claws of the evil expensive massage dragon....

This knight bears a:

1 hour MASSAGE FOR ONLY $40!!!!


So now you're thinking, yea this is gonna be some shady place with dirty beds, 2-way mirrors right? Nope.. Clean, quiet, private rooms, relaxing music, its a bargain dream come true...

I myself have tried and am a believer!!! Guess what my Mom-in-law is getting when she comes and visits for Christmas ;) BEST. DAUGHTER-IN-LAW. EVER...... Well next to the lovely Wendy-bird...

So here's the DEAL:

1. You MUST have a preferred customer card (which I have)
2. You call them, tell them you have the card and "MICHELLE" sent you
You're on your way to enjoying 60 minutes of mood music massage bliss....
-- For an extra treat ask for Ana, shes great!! She used to be a physical therapist in Peru and her hands know it!!

So you want the card?? See me in person (if you know me) if you dont just send me your address and I will mail one too you!

Massaged and Mellow Momma

P.S. As with ALL things on my blog, I am NOT in any way endorsed,associated with, paid or promoted for this I JUST LOVE a good deal and a good massage!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Movies!!

Ok so if you know me personally you KNOW that next to free stuff I LOVE movies!!

Sooooo... whats the BEST of both worlds?? (you KNOW where this is going..)

FREE MOVIES!!! YAY!! And now that little A has decided to assert her independence we no longer can go to theaters as a family so we resort to RedBox..

You know, those cute little boxes that spit out movies?? Well its ONLY $1 but even THAT's too steep for me so I find the free...

Here ya go!!

When you check at (i.e. finish the transaction) there will be a little spot at the bottom of the screen for PROMO CODES

Enter these magic codes there for FREE MOVIES!!!

DVDONME (always works)

BREAKROOM (a nice one as well)

DVDATWAG (ONLY at Walgreens)

DVDKROG (ONLY at Kroger)

MONDAY (ONLY on.. Monday! LOL)

You can only use each code once per card per transaction, so ONLY 1 free movie at a time per card (this doesnt mean you cant stand in line and use tons of cards and codes for lots of movies while the person behind you taps their foot impatiently... no.. I didn't do that.. I was the one tapping!! LOL )

So.. enjoy your free movie and BE NICE! Whenever I see someone standing in line for RedBox I always whisper the DVDONME code to them so they can enjoy the free, pass the free forward people!!!

Movie Watchin Momma

***UPDATE: thanks to a fellow watching Movie Momma Megan I found out that if you rent a movie (those free movies qualify) THEN go to and enter the code on the DVD you get yet another FREE MOVIE!! Its called their "thanks a billion" promo!!! Now thats what I call a double deal!!

More Kohls..

And if 30% off isn't enough.. now they tell me its FREE SHIPPING.. there goes the budget...

Use code



for 15% off :) YAY!!

Now on the list of places I cant go if I EVER want to be debt free..
1. Gymboree
2. The dollar store

and now..
Kohls.. sigh...

I do love you..

Ordinary Mommy

Monday, September 27, 2010

30% at Kohls!

Well hello again!

As you all know Kohls is one of my favorite places to save (well except for Carters stuff because you can sometimes get it EVEN cheaper at the outlet.. sigh.. I love you outlet mall)

Anyways- Kohls is having a sale again use the coupon code

THIRTY4U for 30% off everything

(btw its TWENTY4U for 20%)

PLUS if you actually visit a Kohls store and make an order using their little Kiosk thingy (time consuming but...) you get free shipping!! woo!!

So... Head on out to Kohls and enjoy!

Heat Wave Mama

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloweenie Freebie


North County Mommy Meetup Group

Please post below and just follow the instructions from the meetup email!!
1. post name
2. post sizet
3. make sure you can come to the meetup

6- 12/18 month size
6- 9/12 month size
2- 6/9 month size

The sizes run small (think 6 month not 9 month)

I will email/message the winners!

An enjoy the cuteness!!!

Freebie Mommy

P.S. These are onesies from the $0.99 store (thats right they were 99.9 cents) with custom bows by yours truly!! :) head out to your local store to find the cheap cuteness!!

80% of PLUS $10 FREE!

Well this OM is back from Vegas and sad to say the land of FREE is having a drought!
Not THIS land of free but due to economy Vegas is cutting their comps :( sad savings... :(

HOWEVER the FREE still flows here!!! is having a HUGE sale.. GET THIS..
-- 80% off all their gift certificates
-- $10 free gift certificate

PLUS if you use you get 15% off...

Use the coupon code AUTUMN

Ok so here's the deal with, they CALL it a gift certificate but really is more of a discount (one reason why you should NEVER pay full price) and by my calculations, including the 18% tip they add its about 30% off the food IF you buy the amount required on the certificate.. In short READ READ READ that fine print, it can get you. We've used a couple of these and they're ok, they allow you to try some new places and that's goood, and bad. Be aware that some places can be REALLY strict on the rules (i.e. you can't buy discount meals/meal deals, drink specials, happy hour etc.) I'm going to do it 'cause hey- when you're on a budget any discount helps!! :)

Thanks to Kate the Great at San Diego Steals and Deals for the heads up...

Bon' Savings or Appetit'

Ordinary Mommy

PS ACT now!! It expires tomorrow

Thursday, September 23, 2010

25% off Carters

Hello again!

This OM is about to head to Vegas :) so I thought I would leave you with a little coupon so you won't suffer from savings anxiety in my absence (I'll only be gone 24 hour so no BIG worries).

Carter's is having their Friends and Family Event!!

25% your purchase BOTH in store and online!! use code friends

Its rare when codes/coupons are good both places so this makes me happy! :) plus activewear is 60% off which means 85% off!!! Love that stacking!! Time to head to the outlet ;)

You can always find Carters coupons for 20% off so the 25% is a good deal. This does make me savings sad though as I just bought little A's kitty costume from the website :(..... Lesson learned I suppose!

Enjoy the cheap Carter's cuteness!!

Vegas bound OM

P.S. If you want the in-store coupon I can email it too you, or just call the store- usually they are really good about working with you and of course you can google it too find the printable version- for some reason I cant get it to save??

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MORE Free Plum!!!

Dear Plum District
I love you
Let me count the ways...
1. Referral $$
2. Free Playwerx
3. Great Promo Codes

Yes Plum District has struck again, Ive got 2 new promo codes for you for another $10 credited to your account!! Merry Christmas! Its really just like giving you $10 to spend, I used mine on todays deal for some SUPER cute labels!!

If you DON'T have Plum District yet- send me your email and I will refer you, you get ANOTHER $5 (thats $15 free now) ms.micheller AT .... The deals keep comin!

Todays codes are:

Just enter those and enjoy!!


BTW is this a NATIONWIDE Deal- so people all over can and SHOULD enjoy!!

Early Morning Freebie Mommy

Monday, September 20, 2010

$10 Everywhere!

Well its been a rough few days on this sides of the states, with Little A's teething and the hubs job fiasco there's NOTHING a little blogging and FREEBIES can't cure!!

So for tonight I will be serving the ever tasty $10 off a $10 purchase codes for JCPenny....

Use GO4TEN and LIZ4YOU (expires 9/28) at

Plus FREE shipping on shoes still :) ahh... feet never felt so FREE!!!

If your code doesn't work, go back and try typing it in all caps.

Think of it as a $10 coupon, because you DO have to pay shipping ($5.95 unless your ordering the shoes which have free shipping today) or a store pick-up fee ($4.50). You can only use each coupon code once. It sounds like it may even works on Outlet items!

Thanks Freebies4Mom!!!

Ordinarily free Shoe shoppin Mommma

***UPDATE*** I did go to JCPenny and shopped the OUTLET section (just search outlet in the top little search bar) looked at shoes-due to free shipping and found some cute little white leather Mary Janes for little A!! total cost $3.25 not too bad, not free but I cant complain...
CLICK HERE to see the cheap cuteness

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get your Sunday Paper HEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!

Ok, we all know the chant right? And even though you cant get the Sunday paper HERE on my blog, you can and should get it elsewhere!!
Last week I joined the Sunday paper bunch and bought one from the local gas station, $1.88 later I thought seriously?? Did I just waste my money??


Saved at LEAST $10 that day on groceries and another $10 the next time!! Soooo.. the Sunday paper pays off!

So on your day of rest, family, church, stop by and get that Sunday paper- heck maybe you can sweet talk some grocery store to give you their old one before they throw them out!! :) That would be a double score!

Stay away from those street sellers though, I hear the raise their prices and we're all about the deal right??

Happy Sunday Everyone!! Enjoy those newspapers (don't forget to read those comics!)

Paper wielding Mommy

P.S. Ive been asked if I prefer one paper over the other and the answer is no, Im not sure (open to recommendations)- I say the FATTER the BETTER!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

FREE Cheese and Chocolate!

Well my night cannot get better.. I REALLY seriously did NOT plan to post freebies tonight and NOW look at me??!!

FREE Skillet Queso..... Mmmmm melted cheese....

FREE brownie sundae.....MMMM Chocolatey melted goodness....

Okay now Im tempted to go out and redeem mine right now... Patience Patience... So while Im waiting you go and sign up for your FREE Skillet Queso from Chili's and as a bonus after you register you can get a FREE brownie sundae if you give the last 4 numbers from the credit card you use most often at Chilis...


Sigh... I'm gonna gain 10 pounds from all these freebies but it TASTES soo good! :)
Thanks to one of my bestiest friends and "Mom of all Trades" Lisa...

Cheesy chocolatey ordinary Mommy

A Night or Day FREE at the Smithsonian!!

Thanks to Mommy Saver Katherine for this one :) We signed up a while ago but it slipped my mind- Im sooo glad for super saver friends!!!

So here's the deal- FREE admission to the Smithsonian Museum of your CHOICE on Sept 25th :)
This deals good in all towns, where there's a museum that is....
My hometown of 404 people may not qualify (however there IS a museum there- random right?)

Well back to the deal- CLICK HERE to redeem your free ticket for two (one per household)

Enjoy your free learning!! YAY!!

You know.. you would think learning would be free all the time??!!
My student loans would disagree.... LOL!!

Studious Ordinary Mommy

Spa Week!

Ok, so its not FREE but its darn cheap :)

Spa Week is HERE!!

Go to Spa (CLICK HERE)

Find your corresponding city and check out the deals!!

Its not hard to find a facial and a massage for only $50.. nice :)

So sit back, start your search and ENJOY!!!

Pampered Ordinary Mommy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free Pancakes TOMORROW before 7pm

My hubby informs me that the PADRES won!!

YAY Padres!!

They also scored 7 runs which means you can go into any Dennys before 7pm tomorrow and say

"The Padres Scored"

and get free pancakes!!


Free never tasted soo good!


10 FREE for Me!

Hello Fellow Savers!
Thanks to my friend and saver Mommy Meagan I found out about
Vista Prints 10 Year Anniversary!!
YAY for them and YAYAYAYAY for us!!

In honor of their 10 year anniversary they are giving away their top ten items FREE!!
See?? My favorite word 10 times!

Business cards, stamps, websites, pens... WOW!!
Click here and ENJOY!!!--- if you cant find it for some reason, just click on "FREE PRODUCT" on the left side of the website
Act fast because it ends 9/17!!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

FREE Museum Tuesday's

So, ALL San Diego County Residents get FREE Museum Admission at Balboa Park EVERY Tuesday!! The admission changes every Tuesday so eventually you get into them all free...

YAY!! Make SURE you have your drivers license or Military ID to get in (you'll be asked at every entrance, it gets a little annoying but the the free makes up for it!)

Heres the schedule for FREE Tuesdays:
First Tuesdays
Centro Cultural de la Raza
San Diego Model Railroad Museum
San Diego Natural History Museum (fee charged for theater)
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center (fee charged for theater)

Second Tuesdays
Museum of Photographic Arts
Museum of San Diego History
Veterans' Museum and Memorial Center

Third Tuesdays
San Diego Art Institute
San Diego Museum of Art (Permanent Exhibit Only)
San Diego Museum of Man
Japanese Friendship Garden
Mingei International Museum

Fourth Tuesdays
San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum
San Diego Air and Space Museum
San Diego Automotive Museum
House of Pacific Relations International Cottages and
Hall of Nations ("Children Around the World" Film at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.)

Fifth Tuesdays
Regular admission prices are in effect

The City's Botanical Building is open every day except Thursday. Admission is always free.

Some museums may offer complimentary admission to their permanent collections only and charge for admission to special exhibitions, showings, and events. Please call individual museums for information.

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Good Deal & A GREAT Cause

How does a haircut or 30 minute massage for $25 from Capriccio Salon sound??


How does helping raise money to help out one of the cutest girls you've ever seen sound?

GREAT!! Right??

Meet Erin.. Erin is 12 years old and was diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) when she was 10 months old (read more here).

September 19th, Capriccio salon will be doing a fund raiser to raise support for Erin and other little sweeties like her. When was the last time you got a haircut or massage that not only made you feel & look good but actually benefitted others???

Sounds like a double deal to me :).

So call Capriccio today 760.730.3022 and book your appointment- I bet they're going fast!

Check out Capriccio HERE

BTW I used my Groupon for Capriccio today and it was AWESOME (haircut, salon pedi, and eyebrow wax= $49)!!
I got the best hairstylist ever- Kelly Rogers (request her when you make your appointment)
For the FIRST time ever someone got my bangs right!! My husband who HATES short hair actually likes my short do:)
Plus shes a mommy to a cute little baby boy who is about to turn 1!!! Gotta support other Mommys right??

Im thinking a massage on the 19th.. maybe even check out their silent auction!
Hope you there!

New Haircut Mommy

Free and Safe!

Well this post combines both the love of my sweet baby A's safety AND a FREEBIE, two of my favorite things.

Thursday September 16th
9:00-12:00 and then 1:00-?
California Highway Patrol in Oceanside
1888 Oceanside Blvd
Oceanside, CA 92054

- FREE Carseat Inspection and Installation
- FREE Installation


Yep, you can go to the CHP in Oceanside and get your carseat checked and installed and EVEN get a free carseat! Our neighbor's nanny went there a couple weeks ago and they just gave her one?! Nice right??

BEFORE you go- call and MAKE SURE they are doing it.Ask for Officer Newbury and make sure they are actually doing it, I had to actually go in and talk to them, you won't find it on the internet anywhere and its based on his schedule, seemed pretty weird but sooo worth a free carseat and inspection. I guess Officer Newbury is an offical certified carseat inspector :) sounds goods to me! You think he could just live at my house? Im pretty sure mine hasn't ever been REALLY installed...

SAFE and FREE Driving!
Ordinarily Safe Mommy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Wax!

Time to treat yourself Ladies (and Gents!!)

Wax Center is offering FREE Waxing!!!
No strings..
Soo if you've been neglecting your eyebrows now's the time to go ahead and treat yourself... :)

Click Here and ENJOY!

AMAZON + MOM= Cheapo Depot

Well, it should say Cheap Diaper, but that just doesn't rhyme as well right???

Well ladies and gents (mostly ladies Im sure)- I have stumbled upon yet an other fantatic deal (thanks San Diego Steals and Deals by babies cheap diapered bottom loves you).

Anyways- RIGHT NOW you can sign up for AMAZON MOM for FREE (my favorite word right?)
You will get-
FREE (there it is again) Amazon Prime Shopping
* FREE Amazon Prime Shipping for 3 months! This is a GREAT deal - it normally costs $79 for the year- you get it for FREE with Amazon Mom. Amazon Prime shipping is FREE 2 day shipping for every purchase - nice! If you purchase a minimum of $25 from the Baby Store you will get an additional 3 months too!

* 30% off diapers and wipes! if you subscribe

By subscribe you basically tell Amazon, HEY send me xyz diaper every 1,2,3, months and they take 30% off your order.
You can cancel, or change your diaper size any time...

So you COULD subscribe, buy, then cancel... or like me subscribe, buy, then change the NEXT shipment to the size higher. woo!!
Diapers $0.17... Diapers normally $0.33

ahhh the savings feel sooo good!!


Btw theres tons of other things for big discounts on Amazon Mom too!!!

Enjoy the cheapo depots Ladies (and gents)


Monday, September 6, 2010

4 FREE Photo Books!

Hello Blog Readers!

Here's yet another FREEBIE!! You know how I love those ;) I usually love Groupon but todays deal was for a $10 photo book.. hmm.. I know better!

4 FREE Photo books! These make GREAT Birthday, graduation, Christmas, Mothers/Fathers Day (you get it) GIFTS!!

The only catch- you pay shipping.. GASP! 2.99!!!
And they print on a little removable insert in the book- its REMOVABLE and on the back cover- OR for 3.99 you can get that removed...

I do love the free!! And so will those lucky Grandparents when Christmas comes around :)


Happy Late night freebies!

Labor Day... Do I smell some bargains???

Well the OM (Ordinary Mommy) was at it again!!

Its Labor Day so I definitely smell a bargain :) After a late start we headed to Kohls to use our 15% coupon (courtesy the mailing list) and the 2 $5 Kohls Cash certificates we got for signing up- 1 from me and 1 from the hubby which equalled FREE STUFF (party favors for little A's big bday- so what if the babies may eat the play doh versus play with it)!! When we checked out they did the regular "do you want a Kohls credit card and save 20%?" Before I adamantly said NO! I thought.. hmm.. Would this kind lady stack the coupons? Could I get 15% PLUS the 20%???
Soooo... I applied, got it, bought my purchases (saving $91 PLUS $10 of FREE) and then WHILE I was still at the register, paid off the card and will close it tomorrow....

Done...Scored some cool toys, towels, and clothes for Little A...

SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE $5 for Kohls HERE-----CLICK------

Then off to Gymboree (did NOT make it out unscathed.. oh how I loathe and LOVE that place) for the 30% off sale... sigh...
LITTLE GYMBOREE SECRET---- They have TONS of stuff in the back that isnt even on the floor!! sooooo ASK whats in the back- lots of times they're hiding great sale items in other sizes.. ALWAYS shop when you can get a LEAST 30% off and GYMBUCKS!!
But its still expensive, even though the clothes have GREAT resale (dont believe me?check out ebay-gymboree.. yep)
CUTE+GYMBOREE= Broke OM and mad Hubby!! LOL

Used my Gap GROUPON- LOVE LOVE that deal! I spent $13 and got like 5 pj outfits for Little A, a shirt, dress and leggings!! Only sad deal, no coupon :( I printed out the GAP outlet coupon instead of the regular one (P.S. everything was 25% off already PLUS the 50% groupon so I cant complain..) you can ALWAYS find a 20% off Gap coupon on the internet for VISA users :) :)

Then off to Childrens place (after Gymboree my eyes were burnt from cute overload) and of course to finish it off.. CARTER OUTLET!!

Im going downhill by now, but the sale was great PLUS 20% off, and when you spend 100$ you get 10$ to spend... someone PLEASE stop the spending!! Oh.. hubby is doing that!! LOL

Finished the day with a sweet free treat from GODIVA.. Have you signed up yet?
EVERY MONTH you get a FREE Godiva truffle from the store, anyone you want!! yum...............
Just go in and get it! Today they were giving away samples PLUS free truffle (double score)

BTW See's Candy will also let you sample any chocolate you want when you go visit them (no signing up involved), I always feel bad when I dont buy from them however GODIVA is guilt FREE!! They WANT to give me that freeeeeeeeeeeeeebie!! woo!!!

Free tastes so good when it hits my lips!! LOL
Ordinary Mommy

P.S. I think Im high from all the free..
SIGN up already!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice don't belong in my life but they sure do belong on my blog because its FREE!!!

Thats right, has a TON of FREE books for your kindle that you can download and read at your leisure (leisure? read? whats that??) well.. Maybe some of you can.

Whats that, no Kindle? Thats ok- join the club (no freebies for Kindles yet..) but you can download a FREE e-book reader to your computer and do it that way :)..

So head on over to Amazon and get some Pride and Prejudice in your life.

Click Here

Ordinary Mommy