Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day... Do I smell some bargains???

Well the OM (Ordinary Mommy) was at it again!!

Its Labor Day so I definitely smell a bargain :) After a late start we headed to Kohls to use our 15% coupon (courtesy the mailing list) and the 2 $5 Kohls Cash certificates we got for signing up- 1 from me and 1 from the hubby which equalled FREE STUFF (party favors for little A's big bday- so what if the babies may eat the play doh versus play with it)!! When we checked out they did the regular "do you want a Kohls credit card and save 20%?" Before I adamantly said NO! I thought.. hmm.. Would this kind lady stack the coupons? Could I get 15% PLUS the 20%???
Soooo... I applied, got it, bought my purchases (saving $91 PLUS $10 of FREE) and then WHILE I was still at the register, paid off the card and will close it tomorrow....

Done...Scored some cool toys, towels, and clothes for Little A...

SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE $5 for Kohls HERE-----CLICK------

Then off to Gymboree (did NOT make it out unscathed.. oh how I loathe and LOVE that place) for the 30% off sale... sigh...
LITTLE GYMBOREE SECRET---- They have TONS of stuff in the back that isnt even on the floor!! sooooo ASK whats in the back- lots of times they're hiding great sale items in other sizes.. ALWAYS shop when you can get a LEAST 30% off and GYMBUCKS!!
But its still expensive, even though the clothes have GREAT resale (dont believe me?check out ebay-gymboree.. yep)
CUTE+GYMBOREE= Broke OM and mad Hubby!! LOL

Used my Gap GROUPON- LOVE LOVE that deal! I spent $13 and got like 5 pj outfits for Little A, a shirt, dress and leggings!! Only sad deal, no coupon :( I printed out the GAP outlet coupon instead of the regular one (P.S. everything was 25% off already PLUS the 50% groupon so I cant complain..) you can ALWAYS find a 20% off Gap coupon on the internet for VISA users :) :)

Then off to Childrens place (after Gymboree my eyes were burnt from cute overload) and of course to finish it off.. CARTER OUTLET!!

Im going downhill by now, but the sale was great PLUS 20% off, and when you spend 100$ you get 10$ to spend... someone PLEASE stop the spending!! Oh.. hubby is doing that!! LOL

Finished the day with a sweet free treat from GODIVA.. Have you signed up yet?
EVERY MONTH you get a FREE Godiva truffle from the store, anyone you want!! yum...............
Just go in and get it! Today they were giving away samples PLUS free truffle (double score)

BTW See's Candy will also let you sample any chocolate you want when you go visit them (no signing up involved), I always feel bad when I dont buy from them however GODIVA is guilt FREE!! They WANT to give me that freeeeeeeeeeeeeebie!! woo!!!

Free tastes so good when it hits my lips!! LOL
Ordinary Mommy

P.S. I think Im high from all the free..
SIGN up already!!

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