Friday, October 22, 2010

Trick or Treat? TREAT!! Free 8 by 10 Collage

Free 8 by 10 Collage at Walgreens :)

Oh I love those little freebies that Walgreens throws out from time to time, in fact theres usually alwas something FREE on their photo site.

Enough rambling, down to the FREE!
Use coupon code


When you check out to get your free photo! Me? I sent it to Missouri where some fantastic Grandparents will pick up their treat :) Just FYI the pictures will be ready on Halloween!!! SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKY!!

Treat Lovin Mommy


Shutterfly ROCKS and heres why

1. - This is easy, there are TONS of cute designs, but my favorite are the rainbow colored generic ones that you can use for EVERY season (use code CARD4U for a FREE card right now) Like this one

2. AWesome LINKS!!

This was easy- like I said go to shutterfly and use the CARD4U for a free card :)

3. “Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards” and hyperlink to

Card Lovin Momma

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free Sling

So this site is NOTORIOUS for giving away tons of FREEBIES :) When I first had little A I got some free nursing covers and NOW they do slings.. yay!!

Thanks sweet-T (you like that Tiff?) for the heads up on the new code

Here's what you do:


Enter code

And get 100% off your sling!! YAY!! All you have to pay is shipping:) HURRY it won't last long!

Not. bad.. Actually VERY good, the slings are so cute and lightweight and colorful.. FRee makes them all the better so get slingin! Or gifting :)

slingin Momma

You've Been "Boo'ed"

Maybe you've been lucky enough to have been "boo'ed" by someone but if not you have no idea the fun you're missing out on!!

This yea a new fun tradition has surfaced called "booing"

Here's what you do to spread some fall cheer:

1. Use this poem from (click here for article) and print or write it on some fun paper or posterboard (you can make your own - by writing You've been Boo'd)
he air is cool, the season fall,
Soon Halloween will come to all.

Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore...
Tricky witches at your door.

The spooks are after things to do,
In fact a spook brought this "Boo" to you!

The excitement comes when friends like you,
Copy this note and make it two.

We'll all have smiles upon our faces,
No one will know who "BOO"ed who's places!

Just two short days to work your spell,
Keep it secret, hide it well.

Please join the fun, the seasons here .
Just spread these "BOO's" and Halloween cheer.

2. Pick a neighbor or 2 or 3 and place the sign along with some tasty treats by their front door, ring the bell and run away!!
Include a note like this:
You have been BOOED! Please keep it going by following these directions:

Enjoy your treat
1.Place the BOO sign on your front door or visible in a window
2.Within 2 days, make 2 copies of this note, make 2 treats & 2 BOO signs
3.Secretly deliver to 2 neighbors/friends without a BOO.

3. Wait to be boo'ed and see how far and fast the fun travels!!
Once you've been boo'ed place the sign in your front window :)

and HAVE FUN!!


Booing Momma

2 Large Pizza and FREE Cinnastix only $12

So as many of you know, yesterday I decided the fastest way down the stairs was just to fall down them resulting in a not so free trip to the ER :( thankfully Im fine (minus an ankle).
However this does mean good freebies for you since we decided on pizza for dinner :) and you know I cant JUST have pizza!!

First we
ORDERED on and used coupon code
Which is a buy one get free large pizza (we ordered a special pizza for 1 large so it was 12.99)

THEN since you cant use 2 coupon codes at once we put in another order (so we only had to pick up once) for


USE Coupon code EBCS

YAY!! You know how I love FREE Cinnastix!! :)

Just a note- if you wanted only free Cinnastix you could do that as well :)

Cinna-lovin Momma

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who has the best friends?? FREE Tacos and Holiday CARDS!! YAY!

OK So I definitely have the bestest friends!!

First Amber-Mommy of cutie pie E sent me this! :) Amber you need a blog- you have the BEST freebies!
- FREE TACOS at Rubio's but only tomorrow so hurry out there :) Print the coupon here and go enjoy some freeness
CLICK BELOW Rubios Fresh Mexican Grill

Then the wonderful and MOST crafty Krista (she makes the CUTEST tutus and hairbows- top quality and I will review them- I need your shop link)sent me this heads up:
50 FREE Holiday Cards!! Now thats what I call Jolly!
If you have a blog (doesn't matter how big according to the site- so my 9 readers qualify) visit this link and you get 50 FREE (there's party invites, all Christmas, you name it)


Well guess I dont have to worry about Christmas cards this year :) and so much for my weight loss challenge... LOL!!

Enjoy the holiday of FREE!!

Taco and card lovin Momma

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cool off with Orange ‘n Creme Swirl Frutista Freeze FREE

Who needs to cool off with this cool weather we finally got??
Well, a cool drink is always nice- especially when its FREE!!
Plus I do have a thing for Taco Bell :)

Click here to print your FREE Orange and Creme Drink
Chillin and Sippin Momma

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free $10 at Limited

Hi Everyone!
Once again some free stuff- Im like a broken record today

$10 off a $10 purchase at Limited- BOTH online or in store

For online enter code: FASHCASH

And in store ask an associate for the FASH CASH promotion!! :) works on EVERYTHING including accessories, so you should be able to get a cheapie or freeeeeeebie!!


My hubby may go to the mall for this one...

Limited lovin Momma

I just won $10 Gas Cash- What will you win?? Huggies.. Enjoy the Ride!

Ok, so RARELY do I actually enter those online sweeps thingys because honestly.. I'm just NOT that lucky..really.. Im lucky in life with my wonderful handsome hubby (didn't pay me to say that) and awesome Little A, but in the world of sweeps.. not so much.. Im the person sitting next to the person (Kara) who hits the jackpot..

But, if you know me, I HATE spending money without getting something for it-- ENTER Diapers-- TRUE I save tons with the Amazon Mom deal (check out my previous post- at leat 30% savings) but I want more.. So I make sure I use those little codes and enter them on the corresponding site i.e. Huggies enjoy the ride for my huggies wipes (CLICK HERE)

Here's a website with a list of codes so you can just copy and paste copy and paste- you get the drift.
CLICK HERE Or just look below

The newest codes that I find will be at the top of each list.

To play go to



•BJNDJSLLMDXJPGB (expires 11/30/10)
•BFNMBKDSPXRCPGB (expires 12/31/10)

•BGNDNHQCDQBMPGB (You can also earn points on the Enjoy the Ride website by:

•Registering with Huggies Enjoy the – 10 points (new members only)
•Watching 5 videos – 10 points
•Taking polls – 2 points
•Browse, click and earn – 6 points

Some of those codes are still good regardless of the expiration date. There are prizes you can redeem but who really wants a 1 year membership to ecards?? I play the instant win sweeps and FINALLY won!! YAY!! So persistent pays off.. sometimes.. Ill post next on the Pampers rewards which I REALLY like!

wipes buyin Momma

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Soo its that time of year, leaves are falling (well not in Cali), the air is getting cooling off (a little), hayrides are happening, and its FALL!! YAY! and with Fall comes candy corn, those delicious little triangles of tasty and I of course want them for FREE!!

So get them FREE- FREE CANDY CORN at CVS, its easy, scan your card at any of the little "coupon" kiosks in the store and get 0.99 of Brachs candy corn, which is coincidentally, 0.99... ACT NOW..

So enjoy those FREEBIES!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sesame Street Birthday: Dissected PART 2

Where were we? Cupcakes?? Let's move on before I eat them all...

1 Word... Balloons
I LOVE balloons, they're pretty, festive, generally inexpensive and VERY easy to put up and take down. What' not easy is getting 77 latex and 14+ LARGE mylar balloons to the location (rental truck... ugg). Another bonus? You can send the HOME with people so you're not stuck with a house full of balloons. I ordered balloons from ALL over the internet, got the whole Sesame Street gang and even had little A's full name spelled out. Balloon overkill? Perhaps.. But a great to decorate a big space and the airwalker balloons were a HUGE hit with all ages.

Various plates, napkins, cups (all latex balloons) and tablecloths all from Oriental Trading, cheap but decent quality.

Treat Bags...

Oh yes these little lovelys were quite a headache and required many trips to Target dollar bins and the 99 cent store SO thankful for great friends who kept their eyes out for Sesame Street themed stuff...
The tags were done by my friend at The Ooh La La Studio (CLICK HERE FOR AWESOME CUTENESS) they were the PERFECT touch for the gift bags and I put a triple stamp on them for extreme cuteness, PLUS she will let you print from home to save money (however I reccomend having her do it for a little extra because she does GREAT GREAT work). Here's the pic of them pre-application

I love love love these little touches- its what really makes people think you had a million dollar party on a dime(a shiny pretty dime, but still a dime).

So steal my ideas, reuse them, and check out the links!!!

and Happy Birthday Little A!!!

Proud Birthday Momma

A Sesame Street Birthday: Dissected

Well Fans as you know (if you know me) its been a crazy couple weeks with Little A's BIG (and I do mean big) first birthday so I thought I would dissect it all...

Here we go...

Total Attendees: 100 (approximately- some were babies but still count right?)

2 chocolate fountains (because we're going BIG right?- both borrowed so FREE)

1 champagne fountain (spouting sparkling cider which Ari thought was fantastic)borrowed so FREE (thanks Wendi)


Now the cupcakes were a story.
After shopping around I went with Stater Bros grocery because they were the cheapest and would indulge my cream cheese request. I have a vendetta with butter cream so just HAD to have cream cheese.
80 cupcakes, half vanilla half chocolate, with 4 different colors of frosting. What made these average cupcakes awesome?? The custom Sesame Street chocolate lollipops!!!! I used a wonderful lady Natalie at New York Chocolates (CLICK HERE) the lollipops were impressive and delicious!! Everyone raved and asked about them- at only $0.50 a piece they got my double stamp of approval BOTH affordable and tasty.. I LOVE LOVE New York Chocolates!!!

Various Tasty treats- goldfish crackers (Elmo's favorite treat), pita and hummus, and another favorite PIER PUFFS!!
I had many many questions about these tasty little bites of garlic Parmesan deliciousness so here's your answers. They are from Santino's Pizza (CLICK HERE) and got a double stamp for being affordable too! Steve from Santinos was GREAT and cut me a pretty awesome deal!! Thanks Steve! Now I want to go try the cinnamon ones... You can get a GREAT deal for Santino's on using their gift certificates.

to be continued on the next post....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Stivectin SD Give-away!!

Well my fellow saving people little A is turning 1!
I cannot believe it, SOOOO in honor of the sweet one Im doing a little giveaway myself!

1 FREE small bottle of Stivectin SD!! YAY!!

For those of you who don't know Strivectin is a miracle worker on wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. etc........

Many many years ago in a land far far away I used to be a manager for Motherhood Maternity (pre-baby, crazy right?)
Anyways- it was a little secret that if you went over to the makeup counter you could BUY this amazing cream that worked on wrinkles (made for wrinkles) but worked MIRACLES on stretch marks!! YAY!! Enter Strivectin..Then lo-and-behold Strivectin discovered that it worked on stretch marks and SURPRISE now they market it that way!! Woo!! Soooo make those nasty little things dissapear or rid yourself of wrinkles oooooorrr give it to a friend,

Either way ENTER NOW!!

1. "follow" my blog (if you already follow, awesome)
2. leave a comment saying you are following
3. Tell a friend about the blog! (this is just honor system)

This will last 1 week from tomorrow, Little A's birthday!!

The winner will be chose at random and contacted :)

Good LUCK!!

Wrinkle and stretch mark free Momma

P.S. Ironic that I'm giving away stretch mark cream on my babys birthday?? lol.. perhaps..