Friday, November 25, 2011

Simmering Sundays


Ladies and Gents in order to fill my need for delicious baking and cooking (in general) I will be introducing SIMMERING SUNDAYS!

Every weekend (probably Sunday) I will be making and posting something delcious..
REALLY delicious..

I'm in a cake pop phase right now so cake pop designs, crazy cupcakes all the way to slow cooker BBQ..

The only theme EASY & DELICIOUS

Prepare yourself..

See you Sunday!

Hello San Diego Steals & Deals

Hello San Diego Steals & Deals readers!! Thanks Kate for featuring my Cake Pop post!!!
Where have I been lately?

I hit the Target (used my Target DEBIT card for an additional 5% off, Best Buy, Kohls- 20% off coupon code, and Toys R Us Sales online)


I went in person to Walmart Black Friday (CRAZY! I am convinced the majority of the people were drunk, crazy, or high)


 Carters... sigh.. I do love their online sales but sometimes I just like to buy in person... Used my 20% off coupon PLUS their doorbuster 10% off, on top of their black friday 50% off sale (TIP: you can AWLAYS use the 20% off coupon at Carters, just tell them you didnt bring yours, they are VERY understand- 20% off 40$)

Then Crazy 8 online.. My little 2 year old diva will be very well, and warmly dressed this winter my friends...

Some of the BEST deals:
$159 for a 7 cubic ft chest freezer (
$89 for a LG Wireless blu-ray (WAlmart in person- AHH CRAZY)
No more than 7$ for basically all clothes- friends thats my price point NEVER pay more thatn $7 per item for clothes- you dont need to! Some exceptions for Jeans (no more than $10), coats and some dresses...
$49 for a Shark Steam cleaner from (they had them in store too but WHY stand in line when you can buy it the day before online? CRAZY)

Black Friday Tips:
1. Dress comfy: I saw lots of people in house robes LOTS, so thats your metric, wear a house robe or better

2. Drink, snack and play: Drink lots of fluids-stay hydrated, also bring snacks and some sort of entertainment (Ipads are awesome, Angry Birds was my husbands friend) lines can be looooooooongs and painfully boring...

3. Laugh: People get crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazzzy, seriously crazy, just laugh at them, and realize you will probably still get your favorite deal despite their crazy..

4. Shop ONLINE: I dont know how many times I tell my friends, shop online... shop online.. shop online.... You can get the same deals most of the time, PLUS free shipping and no stress. I did LOTS of online shopping since we were visiting Colorado family.

More exciting news coming soon! Stay tuned!!

Shoppin Momma

Friday, November 4, 2011

Giveaway! 6 tickets to the Comedy Palace

Need a good laugh?? How about a FREE good laugh?? Well THIS Sunday is the time!!

I am giving away 3 sets of passes to Sundays comedy show at the Comedy Palace in San Diego.

The Show is Sunday November 6th
7:00 pm

TO Win:

Comment Below
"like" my page on facebook (click here)

Sunday October 6, Comedy Madness, one of the nations top reviewed stand up comedy shows returns to the Comedy Palace in San Diego. We are proud to welcome Michael Yo from E! News and Chelsea Lately along with Michael Quu(Sirius Radio, Last Comic Standing) . As always we will have a special guest pop in.

 This remains one of the top stand up shows in the country and is suitable for all audiences. Don't miss this spectacular night of comedy!
Thank you for supporting live comedy.

The Comedy Palace
San Diego, 92123

Michael Yo
Chelsea Lately
E! News Celebrity Correspondent
National Radio Host

Michael Quu
National Headliner
SiriusXM Radio
Last Comic Standing

Bill Burr
Eric Griffin
Steve Byrne
Sarah Silverman
Bobby Lee
Dave Chappelle
Jeff Ross
Dov Davidoff
Jim Jefferies
And more....

JC Penny $10 FREE + 10 off 25 STACK!

Hi Money Savers!

Have you signed up for the JC Penny mailer yet?? What's that?? You DON'T know what I'm talking about??

OK! Here's the scoop, JC Penny mails these little coupons out about 5-6 times a year for $10 off a $10 purchase.. WE LOVE it!! My goal is always to spend exactly 10$ plus change (one time I bought 3 outfits for $0.13!) You can sign up here:

You can always unsubscribe from the emails at any time and its basically $10 free!!! YAY!

TODAY- North County Times has a coupon in their newspaper for $10 off a $25 purchase (no exclusions) which MEANS you can use your mailer coupon and bring the mailer along (I learned you cannot combine them :( but its still a great deal!)

Im pretty sure the coupon is good nationwide so go find a $10 off $25 JC Penny coupon and SAVE AWAY!!!

Shoppin Momma

PS Im pretty sure the 10 off 25 is only good this weekend, the mailer doesnt expire until NovemberA