Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazon $20 for $10

Act FAST! Living Social is selling giftcards $20 for $10 thats a 50% dicount!! WOW
Click below for a special link

Thanks for San Diego Steal and Deals (CLICK THERE) for the heads up!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Childrens Album Download

Get it while its FREE!!

Free Hullabaloo album (yes whole album) download :)

Best of Hullabaloo- CLICK HERE

This is a local artist which kids seem to LOVE and what's not to love about some free music? Its worth a listen, or 6

This offer was supposed to end in December so act fast and enjoy!!

Music lovin Momma

Sunday, January 16, 2011

FREE Movie Night!

So what are you doing tonight?

Whats that? enjoying a free movie courtesy On Demand?? Thanks Freebies 4 Mom!! Another of my fav sites...

Well ok then!!! Click HERE On Demand is offering a FREE $5 credit for all new customers (people who haven't bought a movie from them using the on demand service- i.e. streaming straight from the Amazon site)

Which was me- and probably you! So set back, click away, and watch for free!!

If you're like us we just don't have much time to watch anything on TV live anymore so we rely on free things like this, and of course - BEST SITE EVER!!

Movie watchin Momma

P.S. What movie are you going to rent?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Drugs!!

Catchy title right??

Yes the drugs are free, and NO they are not illegal... LOL!

Some stipulations- you MUST have 2 prescriptions because you will actually be picking them up- you have to pay for THOSE drugs, unfortunately we have a large amount of prescriptions lately.

Here's the deal- cruise past your local Albertsons and pick up the little coupon booklet they just put out (it will look kinda like a mini magazine and NOT newspaper print) on the back page is a $25 coupon if you transfer any prescription to the Albertsons pharmacy, so take your prescription to Walgreens then call Albertsons and ask them to transfer it- no hassle on your end! Pick up you medicine and the $25!!

$25 from Albertsons YAY!

The great thing is now you know who is actually cheaper (CVS for us) and are probably $50 richer!!

woooo hoooo!!

free drug Momma

Now go to CVS, send a prescription there and tell them that you were going to transfer your script to Albertsons (show them the coupon- hope you got 2 booklets!) and want them to match the offer. Then pick up your meds and ...

$25 from CVS!!! YAY!!

Crusin in Style!

Well its been too long my friends, as you know little A has been fighting mutiple ear infections these days which leaves this MOM with her hands full! However, in the middle of all this mess my wonderful hubby and I were able to sneak away on a 3 day cruise!! YAY!!! So of COURSE you know I came back with some tips and tricks right??

Here we go:

1st- find the CHEAPEST cruise, not always do you have to book in advance
check this wonderful website, which is where we found our awesome last minute deal (2nd time Ive had success with them) but WAIT dont stop there, once you find a cheap deal on their site go to the actual cruise line's website and see if you can find a better deal... I ALWAYS do this with flights too.. it can save you TONS

2nd- you've got your cruise so now LET'S GO!!!
Arrive early
stay late
-- do just that, arrive as SOOOOON as they'll let you on the boat, thats usually very very early! then go eat at the buffet and watch the people scramble on last minute while you sip your fruity drink (thanks Meagan)

---stay LATE, be the last off the ship if you can so you don't have to deal with lines (this may not be an option if you have plans) sleep in, go eat, then play some games (ALWAYS bring cards) and eat some more, loung on some deck chairs in the sun and relax, STRETCH that vacation as looooooong as you can.

3rd- Don't drink and cruise
People spend TONS on alcohol on ship, thats just crazy to me but to each their own right? Our travel agent actually told us to take on our own alcohol in water bottles and make our own mixed drinks.... Either way you save TONS of money by avoiding the bar and just drinking cheap drinks at the port if you want to party!! Also there are pretty darn good deals in the duty free liquor store you may want to take advantage of- be selective though, some may just SEEM nice,bring the price you usually pay for the liqour of your choice, and keep in mind you can only claim 1 liter when you come back through customs.

Most of all have fun, budget what you'll spend so there's no last minute money surprises when you get your bill the last night. You can check your balance any time at the guest relations desk and check check check for those hidden little things like tips automatically added which you can remove and tip on your own.

Hope this helps- I think everyone should cruise a little!! Although, now I have to diet :( where's the deal for that??

xxooo (those are doughnuts! LOL)

cruisin Momma

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas from Cox

Hello Everyone!
Hope you had a very happy holidays and enjoyed all the old and new deals of the season! :)

Heres something to ring in your new year (check with Cox to make sure its valid for your account just in case)

FREE Movie Rental!! YAY!!

Here's how it works:
Step 1: Go to Channel 1 and purchase an On Demand movie, including HD movies,
up to a $6.00 value.
Step 2: After you watch your movie, go online, enter the coupon code THANKYOU1210
and select the movie you watched.*
That's It! A credit for your movie purchase will be automatically applied to your next month's bill.

click on this link and MAKE SURE the code is 1210 NOT 1209