Thursday, September 9, 2010

AMAZON + MOM= Cheapo Depot

Well, it should say Cheap Diaper, but that just doesn't rhyme as well right???

Well ladies and gents (mostly ladies Im sure)- I have stumbled upon yet an other fantatic deal (thanks San Diego Steals and Deals by babies cheap diapered bottom loves you).

Anyways- RIGHT NOW you can sign up for AMAZON MOM for FREE (my favorite word right?)
You will get-
FREE (there it is again) Amazon Prime Shopping
* FREE Amazon Prime Shipping for 3 months! This is a GREAT deal - it normally costs $79 for the year- you get it for FREE with Amazon Mom. Amazon Prime shipping is FREE 2 day shipping for every purchase - nice! If you purchase a minimum of $25 from the Baby Store you will get an additional 3 months too!

* 30% off diapers and wipes! if you subscribe

By subscribe you basically tell Amazon, HEY send me xyz diaper every 1,2,3, months and they take 30% off your order.
You can cancel, or change your diaper size any time...

So you COULD subscribe, buy, then cancel... or like me subscribe, buy, then change the NEXT shipment to the size higher. woo!!
Diapers $0.17... Diapers normally $0.33

ahhh the savings feel sooo good!!


Btw theres tons of other things for big discounts on Amazon Mom too!!!

Enjoy the cheapo depots Ladies (and gents)


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