Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Movies!!

Ok so if you know me personally you KNOW that next to free stuff I LOVE movies!!

Sooooo... whats the BEST of both worlds?? (you KNOW where this is going..)

FREE MOVIES!!! YAY!! And now that little A has decided to assert her independence we no longer can go to theaters as a family so we resort to RedBox..

You know, those cute little boxes that spit out movies?? Well its ONLY $1 but even THAT's too steep for me so I find the free...

Here ya go!!

When you check at (i.e. finish the transaction) there will be a little spot at the bottom of the screen for PROMO CODES

Enter these magic codes there for FREE MOVIES!!!

DVDONME (always works)

BREAKROOM (a nice one as well)

DVDATWAG (ONLY at Walgreens)

DVDKROG (ONLY at Kroger)

MONDAY (ONLY on.. Monday! LOL)

You can only use each code once per card per transaction, so ONLY 1 free movie at a time per card (this doesnt mean you cant stand in line and use tons of cards and codes for lots of movies while the person behind you taps their foot impatiently... no.. I didn't do that.. I was the one tapping!! LOL )

So.. enjoy your free movie and BE NICE! Whenever I see someone standing in line for RedBox I always whisper the DVDONME code to them so they can enjoy the free, pass the free forward people!!!

Movie Watchin Momma

***UPDATE: thanks to a fellow watching Movie Momma Megan I found out that if you rent a movie (those free movies qualify) THEN go to redbox.com and enter the code on the DVD you get yet another FREE MOVIE!! Its called their "thanks a billion" promo!!! Now thats what I call a double deal!!

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