Friday, October 28, 2011

Vi Peel: Days.......

Well my friends, I'm back.....

Haven't heard from me for a dew days because well HOW many times do you want to hear me say
I'm peeling
I'm peeling
I'm peeling....
Because well.. that's all I've been doing.. peeling.. and avoiding the sun like a vampire on  a Twilight movie which BY THE WAY is hard to do in sunny SoCal...

So after the peeling (and peeling and peeling) here's the verdict:

My skin DOES look better, the melasma around my lip is much much better and my skin feels smoother and softer.

When I asked my hubby if my skin looks better he said "it looks like your tan peeled off".. sigh.. and lol.. Yes my skin is considerably lighter so if you have a super tan body and get the Vi be aware your skin on your peel area will be lighter- they are peeling off layers of skin right??

So here's the summary and to answer some of the most common FAQ's I've been getting:

1. Does it work? YES! However, its not the cure all, one time fix, I'm going to need multiple treatments which I was aware of (you can't cure years of damage in a week... sigh...)

2. Would it do it again? YES! See above, I would like to fix the damage...

3. Does it hurt? YES! Ok, so I'm the girl who gets cavities filled without painkillers but this thing burnnnnnnnnnnnedddddd! Not when it was applied, but the first two nights when I put the post procedure wipes on it burnedddddddddddddddddd! I did the "owie" dance in my bathroom, which would have been hilarious if there would have been anyone to see it, which there wasn't, so it just verged on ridiculous.

4. Should I do it? Yes! Why not? I haven't had any other peels but I hear the treatments are very painful and don;t always show good results.

1. Don't get your eyelids done, hindsight is 20/20 and one of the most painful aspects were my peeling eyelids.. ouch..blink.. ouch.. blink... Seriously I don't care if my eyelids are sun damaged- who REALLY is gonna see that? If you don't care either just ask them not to do your eyelids..

2. Stock Advil, it helps, take if to reduce swelling and also shorten the time of your "owie" dance

3. Get cuticle scissors for the peeling, and peeling and peeling.

4. Prepare to not leave the house for day 3,4,5.... You can leave the house (and ifs its conveniently around Halloween it makes a great costume) but its not pretty, and I found myself apologizing for it alot...

5. Put the moisturizer on, I tried it one night without to avoid the burning when I apply it, and my face was soooo tight.. ugg.. put it on....

Well that's all folks I hear my LO calling for Momma..

Finally done peelin' Momma...

P.S. Doubt it peels like crazy?

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