Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free Vi Peels + Champagne = my kind of day!

Hello Everyone!

What are you doing THIS Saturday?

What?? No plans? from 10:00am-2:00pm

What? You have a babysitter?

What? You would LOVE a little relaxation plus FREE Computer skin analysis and a chance to win a FREE Vi Peel??

Then join ME!! Saturday at 10:00am at the Oasis MD Medical Spa and prepare for some fun....

Why you say?? Well here's some great reasons:

1. Yours truly will be receiving a Vi Peel LIVE at the event (eeeek) and then following up the next week EVERY day displaying some great photos.. did I say great?? I probably meant gross.. but AWESOME "after" photos... I cannot wait

2. You have a chance EVERY hour to win 1 of 4 Vi Peels!! They are raffling off 4 EVERY HOUR!! That's incredible odds my friends..

3.Free treats and champagne...mmmm! I'm TRYING to diet, but I can treat myself Saturday right??

4. You will get to meet THE creator of the Vi Peel!!??!! Awesome! If you ever had any questions now is the time!!Ive been dying to get this peel for MONTHS- its the only one that works with Melasma (also known as the pregnancy mask, i.e the little discoloration you get on your face when you are pregnant.. thats me) and now I can talk to the person who created it! When was the last time you talked to THE person who created manicures?? lol.. ok so maybe not the best comparison but still awesome...

So prepare for fun times friends, and of course.. some pretty awesome photos (Halloween lovers eat your hearts out- I hear your face peels for about 5 days...lol)

About to get peelin' Momma

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