Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vi Peel: Day 1

Day 1: Application

Today I had the Vi Peel applied at Oasis MD at approximate 12:30pm, my experience may be a little different because it was done in public, but I believe basically the process is the same no matter what.

First the disclaimer signature (my new blogging friend from The Rehahn Family should laugh at this) which I only read AFTER I signed it.. oops! LOL

First they prepped my skin with acetone (I'm pretty sure this removes paint as well? LOL), then applied some different solutions. There was a little bit of stinging, reminiscent of  those crazy Noxzema pads from the high school days. The smell was very.. pungent (Phenol, if that tells you anything? I didn't know until I REALLY did).

Post application they briefed me on the follow up procedures which was basically Vitamin C/Retina wipe before I went to bed.

Immediately after I really didn't feel any pain, a little tightness and some tingling and

 basically for the rest of the day no noticeable side effects.

I JUST put the wipe on and well.. the tingling is definitely there now! They said use an ice pack and ibuprofen so I will take them up on that, maybe I shouldn't have rubbed it on so "vigorously" lol!

The exciting thing is I actually have noticed a little big of a change already in the melasma in my skin!! Its incredible!!

Well this ibuprofen should kick in any time and Im headin to bed.. On to tomorrow!!

Tingeling face Momma

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