Monday, October 24, 2011

Vi Peel: Day 3

Let the peeling begin!

Well folks they DID say it would start peeling about 48 hours after the peel was applied so I can't say I was surprised when I woke this morning to the human version of a lizard losing it skin.

But I'm jumping ahead of myself you want to hear about last night and the second post peel wipe right?? Well if you were hoping for a second rendition of the ants and itching powder you will be disappointed, after rinsing my face and applying the second wipe it stung a little but no itching!!YAY!

Now I have just confirmed  that the first night was definitely my fault for not rinsing well... sigh....

Today was pretty uneventful except for me leaving small pieces of my face wherever I went (grosssssss) My LO even said "Mommy face is yucky!!".... Sigh... 

Very little pain, more the discomfort from knowing that your face is pretty gross, I applied the moisturizer a few times today and it stung a little but really, overall, this whole process hasn't been too bad (if you ignore the ants of course).

This is my picture, but you really cant see the peeling much (I just trimmed my face.. I cannot believe I just said that) but its pretty shiny from moisturizer and peeling. My friends said they can notice a difference already.. Basically it feels like a sunburn that's now peeling.. and on to day 4

Peelin' Momma

P.S. Tip: get a cuticle trimmer, you will need it for your face

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