Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oasis MD: Vi Peel

Announcing a Winner!

Well Ladies and Gents I did it..
I got the Vi Peel... ahhh!! Not a, AHH! Im scared AHH! More like, I can't believe I did this I really hope half my face doesn't peel off and the feeling comes back in my lips kinda AHH! but Im jumping ahead of myself....

Today Oasis MD had an open house featuring (da-da-daaaaaaah) The Vi Peel!!!!

When I first walked in I thought hmmm... All these gorgeous people with perfect skin? What's going on? Then I realized a lot of them were returning patients??! That's a good sign! I quickly found some nice ladies who I totally bonded with over our skin issues one had just demoed the Vi Peel and she looked great. They were fantastic ladies, two retired teachers who once again convinced me our educators are the best (I wonder if they will read this blog?? hmm...) 

I also met up with a fellow blogger from The Rehan Family  and we shared a lot of laughs, and pictures... We have her to thank for the pics of me getting the Vi Peel (and the fanning.. that was nice)

I'll detail my experience more- but here's the basics..

My new blogging friend demoing the Skin analyzer

They raffled off FREE Vi peels every hour (and at the end started giving them away to almost everyone who was willing to do the demo there- ummm.. amazing...)

This is what you need to know about Oasis MD
1. They are a Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Encinitas (you can get basically a new anything there)

2. They are AWESOME and love to do promos on their facebook page- they just gave EVERYONE a free $50 gift card just for liking their page (like it by clicking here)

3. They are a small family owned operation, which means they recogize you and you won't get lost in the masses LOVE small businesses...

This is what you need to know about the Vi Peel
1.Its the ONLY peel I've ever heard of that works with melasma (you know that horrible pregnancy induced coloring that is not at all flattering and WON'T go away)

2. It doesn't hurt. REALLY! It didnt' hurt, in fact I kinda enjoyed the pampering, especially the part where the wonderful woman fanned my face... ahhh.

(insert pic here)

3. It DOES stink.. Well, you really can't get around that right? I mean they are using some major stuff on your face, chances are its gonna have a smell, thankfully they were so kind as to fan my face and eventually the smell will go away..

4. No immediate side effects, my face wasn't red, tight, painful.. anything.. I walked out pretty confident! Note, they were sure to warn me that in 48 hours exactly it would begin peeling.. LOL!! woohoo!!

5. Its good for all skin types, races, problems, removes sun damage, discolorations, and it removes precancerous cells (not sure what THAT means, but hey- it sounded good to me!)

SOOOO... Follow me my friends, for the NEXT WEEK I will be detailing my journey with the Vi Peel and how it feels, looks, and of course my favorite before & after photos!! :)
Blogger pose with Oasis MD friend!

Peelin Face Momma

P.S. I DID receive a free Vi Peel, but so did the majority of the people there, so here's my disclaimer- I'm NOT getting paid or getting ANYTHING free from anyone for posting this. I'm doing this because well... I want too, and if I can help someone else out with horrible skin like me-  I will!!


  1. I'm sorry that I missed you. I arrived late around 1pm. I got the peel too and can't wait to see the results!

  2. Hey- I was there still! That's the crazy thing about the blogging world we were probably standing next to eachother! LOL

  3. Hey, Michelle! It was great to meet another local blogger for the first time...thanks for letting me take photos for you (read: Letting me play with your big handsome camera!)

    I warned my kids when I got home that Mommy would be turning into a lizard over the next few days...leave it to my SugarPlum to take it literally! She told me yesterday that she doesn't want me to turn into a lizard, she only wants me to stay Mommy, because she would miss me! *heart swelling*

    I will continue to follow your blog and your posts via FB! Congrats on the new Page!

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