Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vi Peel: Day 2

Vi Peel: Day 2

2:34 am

This is not when I posted this blog entry, this IS when I woke up because my face was itchy.. To say itchy may be a slight understatement, to say that it felt like a million ants rolled in itching powder were dancing on my face would be a better statement... No exaggeration...

Thankfully I slept with my Vi moisturizing cream next to me (I had an idea it may happen as I had a similar itching episode before I went to bed), and after a liberal application I felt pretty good and went back to sleep.. ahh...

According to the directions (and from what Ive seen) this is NOT normal and I think relates to the fact that I didn't rinse my face before applying the Day 1 face wipe. Also I SCRUBBED VIGOROUSLY all over my face with the wipe, me thinks I should have gently wiped- the directions said you may want to rub vigorously areas that need more attention and well, since that's my whole face.. there ya go..

P.S. HORRIBLE picture alert

Overall I am pleased, itching episode and all- already I can tell a difference in the discoloration and skin issues - its awesome.. EVEN with the itching episode (once again I attribute to my exuberance) I'm really excited to see what the next few days bring.

Today my face felt a little tight (not bad) and a little swollen, but not much redness at all- think what you would feel after a sunburn.

Tonight I do the second wipe and hope that the itchy episode does not repeat itself.

TIP: Get hydrocortizone 1% cream, they say this can help with the itching as well (and the moisturizing cream has some in it)

About to peel

P.S. They say in the directions that your face will "slough" off.... this is NOT a comforting word LOL! Had a good laugh (nervous) at that one...

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