Monday, October 4, 2010

Stivectin SD Give-away!!

Well my fellow saving people little A is turning 1!
I cannot believe it, SOOOO in honor of the sweet one Im doing a little giveaway myself!

1 FREE small bottle of Stivectin SD!! YAY!!

For those of you who don't know Strivectin is a miracle worker on wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. etc........

Many many years ago in a land far far away I used to be a manager for Motherhood Maternity (pre-baby, crazy right?)
Anyways- it was a little secret that if you went over to the makeup counter you could BUY this amazing cream that worked on wrinkles (made for wrinkles) but worked MIRACLES on stretch marks!! YAY!! Enter Strivectin..Then lo-and-behold Strivectin discovered that it worked on stretch marks and SURPRISE now they market it that way!! Woo!! Soooo make those nasty little things dissapear or rid yourself of wrinkles oooooorrr give it to a friend,

Either way ENTER NOW!!

1. "follow" my blog (if you already follow, awesome)
2. leave a comment saying you are following
3. Tell a friend about the blog! (this is just honor system)

This will last 1 week from tomorrow, Little A's birthday!!

The winner will be chose at random and contacted :)

Good LUCK!!

Wrinkle and stretch mark free Momma

P.S. Ironic that I'm giving away stretch mark cream on my babys birthday?? lol.. perhaps..

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