Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sesame Street Birthday: Dissected PART 2

Where were we? Cupcakes?? Let's move on before I eat them all...

1 Word... Balloons
I LOVE balloons, they're pretty, festive, generally inexpensive and VERY easy to put up and take down. What' not easy is getting 77 latex and 14+ LARGE mylar balloons to the location (rental truck... ugg). Another bonus? You can send the HOME with people so you're not stuck with a house full of balloons. I ordered balloons from ALL over the internet, got the whole Sesame Street gang and even had little A's full name spelled out. Balloon overkill? Perhaps.. But a great to decorate a big space and the airwalker balloons were a HUGE hit with all ages.

Various plates, napkins, cups (all latex balloons) and tablecloths all from Oriental Trading, cheap but decent quality.

Treat Bags...

Oh yes these little lovelys were quite a headache and required many trips to Target dollar bins and the 99 cent store SO thankful for great friends who kept their eyes out for Sesame Street themed stuff...
The tags were done by my friend at The Ooh La La Studio (CLICK HERE FOR AWESOME CUTENESS) they were the PERFECT touch for the gift bags and I put a triple stamp on them for extreme cuteness, PLUS she will let you print from home to save money (however I reccomend having her do it for a little extra because she does GREAT GREAT work). Here's the pic of them pre-application

I love love love these little touches- its what really makes people think you had a million dollar party on a dime(a shiny pretty dime, but still a dime).

So steal my ideas, reuse them, and check out the links!!!

and Happy Birthday Little A!!!

Proud Birthday Momma

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