Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 Large Pizza and FREE Cinnastix only $12

So as many of you know, yesterday I decided the fastest way down the stairs was just to fall down them resulting in a not so free trip to the ER :( thankfully Im fine (minus an ankle).
However this does mean good freebies for you since we decided on pizza for dinner :) and you know I cant JUST have pizza!!

First we
ORDERED on and used coupon code
Which is a buy one get free large pizza (we ordered a special pizza for 1 large so it was 12.99)

THEN since you cant use 2 coupon codes at once we put in another order (so we only had to pick up once) for


USE Coupon code EBCS

YAY!! You know how I love FREE Cinnastix!! :)

Just a note- if you wanted only free Cinnastix you could do that as well :)

Cinna-lovin Momma

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