Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sesame Street Birthday: Dissected

Well Fans as you know (if you know me) its been a crazy couple weeks with Little A's BIG (and I do mean big) first birthday so I thought I would dissect it all...

Here we go...

Total Attendees: 100 (approximately- some were babies but still count right?)

2 chocolate fountains (because we're going BIG right?- both borrowed so FREE)

1 champagne fountain (spouting sparkling cider which Ari thought was fantastic)borrowed so FREE (thanks Wendi)


Now the cupcakes were a story.
After shopping around I went with Stater Bros grocery because they were the cheapest and would indulge my cream cheese request. I have a vendetta with butter cream so just HAD to have cream cheese.
80 cupcakes, half vanilla half chocolate, with 4 different colors of frosting. What made these average cupcakes awesome?? The custom Sesame Street chocolate lollipops!!!! I used a wonderful lady Natalie at New York Chocolates (CLICK HERE) the lollipops were impressive and delicious!! Everyone raved and asked about them- at only $0.50 a piece they got my double stamp of approval BOTH affordable and tasty.. I LOVE LOVE New York Chocolates!!!

Various Tasty treats- goldfish crackers (Elmo's favorite treat), pita and hummus, and another favorite PIER PUFFS!!
I had many many questions about these tasty little bites of garlic Parmesan deliciousness so here's your answers. They are from Santino's Pizza (CLICK HERE) and got a double stamp for being affordable too! Steve from Santinos was GREAT and cut me a pretty awesome deal!! Thanks Steve! Now I want to go try the cinnamon ones... You can get a GREAT deal for Santino's on using their gift certificates.

to be continued on the next post....

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