Sunday, November 21, 2010

Celebrate early with these Freebies!

so MANY people ask- Michelle where do you get this amazing freebies?
Well, the answers not simple (but still free), I get them from multiple sources, but primarily my own research or emails from the stores and from my FAVORITE site!!!

SAN DIEGO STEALS AND DEALSThis site and its creator, Kate are AWESOME.awesome.awesome..
The gets a million stars!
She's taught me a LOT about getting a good deal and about blogging (hard lessons to learn).

Follow her and subscribe- I promise you won't be dissapointed! She's on facebook too- click here for her site
And EVEN if you dont live in San Diego there's still good deals that are nationwide :). PLus she posts cool events, so if we ever have free time I check her site first..

And once again she did not fail me------here's one of her latest freebies

FREE $10 at HALLMARK!! For Moms and expectant Moms!!
Oh How I LOVE LOVE LOVE a $10 off a $10 purchase deal...
Heres the link to her blog and the deal CLICK HERE Who doesnt need some free cards or candy?

Also I got some FREE Thanksgiving groceries :) via Albertsons (cheapest Thanksgiving ever)
If you transfer a prescription to Albertsons Sav-On pharmacy you get a $25 coupon for free groceries (or whatever your heart desires). We did this for my cough syrup- total cost $0.32... Make sure you call the pharmacy before you transfer and make sure they're doing the deal (my coupon said it expires 12/31/10)

Enjoy those free groceries!! Send me a free card to tell me how much you looooooooooove it!! LOL

Your card lovin-grocery shoppin Momma

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