Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black Friday aka MY D-Day (Deal Day)

Much like an extreme deer hunter I hunt extreme deals and as you know THE season is approaching FAST..

THE season, as in the day after Thanksgiving when all the deals hit the ground and I strategically plan my day to hit as much as I can, it actually causes me sadness to miss a good deal, alas I can't be all places at once so I must sacrifice.

Here's some tips for Day-After Madness:
1. REST up as much as you can, cranky shoppers are NONONO fun

2. Bring snacks (see number 1 if you dont know why) its a LONG day...

3. Shop online, if you're not like me (Im camping out at the Outlets in Carlsbad- they start their sales at 10:30 pm the night before... nice-Carters here I come!) a LOT of those online black Friday deals (which are sometimes BETTER if not as good as the in store deals- minus the lines and crowding) start at midnight east coast time which is 9am here!! YAY!! So camp out online, watch a good movie and keep hitting that refresh button on your favorite site! I personally LOVE with their free site to store shipping.Get the deals, avoid the stress and lines.

4. Map out your plan of action before. Like any battle for the deal you MUST have a plan of action and thankfully with todays technology and leaked Black Friday ads you can know what will be on sale at your fav stores (check out this site

5. Set a budget, yes the sales can get overwhelming so set a budget and a list of what you're looking for.

6. Have FUN! Take some friends or family and leave the kids at home :) ENJOY!!

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