Friday, November 25, 2011

Hello San Diego Steals & Deals

Hello San Diego Steals & Deals readers!! Thanks Kate for featuring my Cake Pop post!!!
Where have I been lately?

I hit the Target (used my Target DEBIT card for an additional 5% off, Best Buy, Kohls- 20% off coupon code, and Toys R Us Sales online)


I went in person to Walmart Black Friday (CRAZY! I am convinced the majority of the people were drunk, crazy, or high)


 Carters... sigh.. I do love their online sales but sometimes I just like to buy in person... Used my 20% off coupon PLUS their doorbuster 10% off, on top of their black friday 50% off sale (TIP: you can AWLAYS use the 20% off coupon at Carters, just tell them you didnt bring yours, they are VERY understand- 20% off 40$)

Then Crazy 8 online.. My little 2 year old diva will be very well, and warmly dressed this winter my friends...

Some of the BEST deals:
$159 for a 7 cubic ft chest freezer (
$89 for a LG Wireless blu-ray (WAlmart in person- AHH CRAZY)
No more than 7$ for basically all clothes- friends thats my price point NEVER pay more thatn $7 per item for clothes- you dont need to! Some exceptions for Jeans (no more than $10), coats and some dresses...
$49 for a Shark Steam cleaner from (they had them in store too but WHY stand in line when you can buy it the day before online? CRAZY)

Black Friday Tips:
1. Dress comfy: I saw lots of people in house robes LOTS, so thats your metric, wear a house robe or better

2. Drink, snack and play: Drink lots of fluids-stay hydrated, also bring snacks and some sort of entertainment (Ipads are awesome, Angry Birds was my husbands friend) lines can be looooooooongs and painfully boring...

3. Laugh: People get crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazzzy, seriously crazy, just laugh at them, and realize you will probably still get your favorite deal despite their crazy..

4. Shop ONLINE: I dont know how many times I tell my friends, shop online... shop online.. shop online.... You can get the same deals most of the time, PLUS free shipping and no stress. I did LOTS of online shopping since we were visiting Colorado family.

More exciting news coming soon! Stay tuned!!

Shoppin Momma

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