Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Drugs!!

Catchy title right??

Yes the drugs are free, and NO they are not illegal... LOL!

Some stipulations- you MUST have 2 prescriptions because you will actually be picking them up- you have to pay for THOSE drugs, unfortunately we have a large amount of prescriptions lately.

Here's the deal- cruise past your local Albertsons and pick up the little coupon booklet they just put out (it will look kinda like a mini magazine and NOT newspaper print) on the back page is a $25 coupon if you transfer any prescription to the Albertsons pharmacy, so take your prescription to Walgreens then call Albertsons and ask them to transfer it- no hassle on your end! Pick up you medicine and the $25!!

$25 from Albertsons YAY!

The great thing is now you know who is actually cheaper (CVS for us) and are probably $50 richer!!

woooo hoooo!!

free drug Momma

Now go to CVS, send a prescription there and tell them that you were going to transfer your script to Albertsons (show them the coupon- hope you got 2 booklets!) and want them to match the offer. Then pick up your meds and ...

$25 from CVS!!! YAY!!

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