Monday, August 23, 2010

Out Darn Spot!

This actually prompted the creation of the new blog- because this is something EVERY Mommy should know...

Those who know me know that Little A (our beloved daughter) is now 10 months old and experimenting with "people food" this had led to increasingly stubborn stains and spots... SOOOO What to do when you expensive Gymboree white onesie that you "splurged" on gets blueberry's on it???

THE AWESOMEST STAIN REMOVER EVER(made from stuff you already have)

Stir equal parts Tide Liquid Detergent (probably any kind works) and Powder Cascade in a LARGE bowl (ex. 1 cup liquid, 1 cup Cascade).

Pour the HOTTEST water imaginable into the bowl and stir the detergent/casade mixture until its dissolved (or until you just get tired of it all).

Add clothes with said blueberry stains.. SOAK overnight or as long as possible.. and...
Stains are gone.. you are happy.. and you've sworn off Gymboree all together (or until you gymbucks are ready to be spent :) )

This REALLY REALLY works, I saw this as Little A's white onesie is soaking in its stain fighting bliss....



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