Friday, February 10, 2012

YoKids Coupons and FREE Seeds!

Everyone is going Lorax crazy!

I guess not just Target but also YoKids

for FREE YoKids coupons plus seeds (of some Suessical kinda) to plant!

We are a on a big "planting" kick at my house so Im super excited about this!


Plantin' and Growin' Mommma

P.S.This is NOT my image, it belongs here

Free Dr. Suess Story Time @ Target

I can't wait for the Lorax movie! Guess the people at Target can't either because they are hosting this AWESOME
FREE (my favorite)
At Target stores nationwide from 9:00-11:00 for a live reading, free goody bags, activties and MORE!

See you there!

Seussical Silly Mind-expanding Momma

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Winner! Disney Movie Codes!

Congrats to the Big WINNER!
Melissa L
You won 2 Disney Movie Magic Codes!!

Stay tuned for some more great giveaways :) There's 12 days of FREE Chick-Fil-A coming your way with the new blog launch later this month...
Melissa you will get a Facebook message with the codes

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 FREE Bagels tomorrow at Brueggars!

Just "like" Brueggars Bagels on Facebook and go get your 3 FREE bagels tomorrow!!


Free Baby Carrier: Seven Slings Strikes again!

Hello All!
I've posted about these guys, MANY many MANY times, but just FYI in case you haven't already heard from me:
Get a FREE Baby sling from Seven Slings
Just enter promo code VALENTINE
You can use this code multiple times (per their instructions, just open a new window)
You just pay shipping, which is around $11
AWESOME baby shower gift!!!


Sling baby Momma

P.S. The image is from Seven Slings and I in no way profit from this post or are being paid to post by Seven Slings or any partner companies

Join and get $15 for FREE!

then enter
code and get $15 off your order of $30!

P.S. When you place an order you will get FREE shipping for the next hour.. boy they are tricksy
SOMETIMES you get $15 free JUST for joining YAY!! By the way, this is the deal site formerly know as Buy with me :( so sad to see it go!

Deal shopping Momma

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FREEBIE: Giveaway Disney Movie Magic Codes!

We watch Disney..
a LOT of Disney..
and grandparents, they watch Disney too..
a LOT of Disney

Which means I get quite a few of those Disney Movie Magic Codes (when you buy any Disney movie there are little pieces of paper in them with codes for points- SAVE those! and enter them online at Disney Movie Rewards )

*GOLDEN SAVING TIP: If you have movies that DID NOT have those codes in them for some reason you can contact Disney Movie Rewards to get replacement codes

So we have a 2 duplicate movie codes and are GIVNG THEM AWAY!!

Like A Ordinary Mommy on facebook
and share (to show some love) then comment on facebook
and you are entered!

I'm ending this contest FAST! LIKE SUPER DUPER FAST!

Contest ends Thursday 2/9/12
at 6:00 am PST